Current Projects

The projects we are currently involved in:


1. ESF/SFA LA7 Community Project 2016-2017 (1st round)

This project would help develop the following skills needed for finding jobs in the UK:

-English Language in the workplace course

-IAG Course (Information, Advice and Guidance)


2. ESF/Big Lottery Fund Tyne and Wear BBO (2016 – 2019)

Wise Steps helps people in Tyne and Wear to transform their lives, with funding from the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund. The project provides one to one specialist support to those on the pathway to work.


 3. The Police Commissioner Fund Tyne and Wear (2016-2017)

Exceeding the target of 4 volunteers, currently we have 9 people who are a part of this project. This is currently a success  in that there has been an enrollment on a paralegal course, and other volunteers offering their support through our information, advice, guidance and advocacy activities. Due to past experiences relating to the support given by ICOS, one person has agreed to assist in giving long-term guidance to those suffering from hate-crimes.


4. The Children’s Foundation Newcastle upon Tyne Small Grants (2017)

CH-ESOL- Children’s ESOL (for Health)
25 children have successfully taken part in creative language sessions through the grant.

Through this, ethnic and minority families have an opportunity to improve their much needed and important knowledge about common health issues of their children. This will also help parents progress their language and vocabulary skills related to health.